We conduct classes at our shop and even at the comfort of your own homes.

We are able to cater to both single one-on-one lessons or group classes.

Enquire with us to find out more.

What classes do we have?


Latte Art

We have latte art classes for the complete beginner all the way to intermediate and professional levels.


Introduction Classes

We go through all the steps of how a good cup of coffee is made. From coffee beans selection, preparation, pulling that perfect shot of espresso, recipes and more.


Custom Classes

Have a few specific skills or knowledge you would like to focus on? We can help to craft for you a class that suits your requirements.


Dialing In Espresso

You will learn how to familiarize and dial in your espresso machine to produce the best espresso shot possible.


Filter Coffee Brewing

Learn the art of filter coffee making. Explore and dial in all the variables involved in making a good cup of filter coffee.


And more!

Enquire with us to find out more.

For any enquiries, contact us at: +65 97111924